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The first made for Apple Watch experience of its kind

A real game, with real depth

Defend beloved tech company, and household name, Pineapple, Inc. Lead their innovation to protect against a sea of look-alike gadgets from their shameless competitor Samesong. It’s part idle-clicker, part simulator, part fanboy fun. Research and upgrade your technologies to stay ahead of the curve: you can’t go shipping smart watches with potato batteries for long.

Smartwatch playing Time Keepers

Works with, or without Apple Watch

Play the full game on iPhone or Apple Watch, or jump back and forth

Even if you haven’t gotten your Apple Watch yet, fear not– Time Keepers is still great fun without Cupertino’s gadget. But on the watch, the addictive micro play sessions it was designed for feel like a perfect fit. The data is shared between devices so you can play a minute or two on your wrist and switch to phone and really nail those Samesong guys in a longer session. Even better, this game actually looks like a game. We’ve managed to get 30fps animations on the Apple Watch, so that you can experience our loving parody of Apple’s tech culture in glorious high(ish) definition. The animated .gif shown here is a smaller, 15fps short loop to keep this page loading fast. The real watch is much smoother and more colorful than we can show you here.

15fps loop of watch game footage

A different kind of “taptic”

Tap your way to wealth and glory

Make a dent in the universe by helping Pineapple build the best watches, with the longest battery life, and most exciting features, for millions of fans around the world. You’ll find surprising depth, and humor, in Time Keepers’ simple play mechanics. Buy it now, and enjoy this ambitious launch day Apple Watch game.

The People Behind Third Law Studios

By working backwards from the experience we want to create, then tackling the engineering or creative work we need to deliver, we accomplish what no one else thinks to try.

Dylan Malone
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Dylan Malone

Co-Founder / Designer, Coder

Much of Dylan’s work today as an engineer is informed by the 10 years he spent as a full time designer in the newspaper industry, doubling as resident Apple enthusiastic and tech consultant. Now an iOS developer, Dylan has a reputation for finding ingenious uses for emerging technologies to do things others didn’t even consider.

Justin Noel
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Justin Noel

Co-Founder / Principle Developer

Justin’s fascination with game development lead him to leave the U.S. Navy and enter the DigiPen Institute of Technology, earning a B.S. in Computer Science. He has had a broad career, from working on mission critical projects for the world’s most beloved companies, to quirky indie projects that explore the limits of AR and VR technology.